Q Monday morning's photo of political buttons featuring a tattooed fist (gang-banger was the first thought that image evoked) appearing to belong to Obama as the visual for the story on the start of the Democratic National Convention reinforced my ongoing impression that the person who makes those selections has, ah, an agenda.

I submit that should stay on the editorial page. Lucinda, Isle of Palms.

A You'd think that a photo is a photo. Someone is smiling or frowning, standing or sitting. It isn't that easy. Different people can infer different things from the same photo.

I respect that you saw the photo as connecting Barack Obama to violence or thuggery. But I will say that I did not find that photo negative. It featured Obama buttons depicting him as a boxer.

H-O-P-E is tattooed on the fingers of his fist.

During the intense period before an election, news outlets look for fresh images to tell the day's story. The paper has published and will publish more photos of Obama, Joe Biden and Obama with Biden. This photo took a different approach.

Conventions are packed with buttons, signs and slogans. This picture showed all three.

Picture this

Q The Post and Courier reported Tuesday that the man who threatened to jump from the Gaillard Auditorium parking garaged "dangled his front legs over the side." Front legs? Have we regressed that far?

Where is Darwin, or at least an editor, when we need him? David, peninsula.

A I rarely laugh when the paper makes a mistake. Mistakes are not to be taken lightly. But I must say your letter made me laugh through my (front) teeth.